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Dr. Maxwell and his staff were exceptional to both me and my family in numerous ways. I called his office with complaints of a tooth ache expecting to get in within a couple of days. To my surprise, I was seen almost immediately. From the moment I was greeted by his staff to the time I left his office, I felt cared for, listened to, and confident that I was getting outstanding dental care. His staff was courteous, compassionate, and kind. They took their time explaining what they saw and what to expect from Dr. Maxwell’s exam. When Dr. Maxwell saw me, he explained my issues in terms that were easy to understand and was interested in all of my questions that were answered to my complete satisfaction. In short, I ended up having cracked crowns that were about ten years old and a clenching problem I have. I needed two root canals and three crowns. Dr. Maxwell told me at that time that my bite was heavy of the side I had all my issues and explained that that could be the problem I have had with migraines. I had been suffering with migraines for years, which occurred about 2-3 a week—yikes. The injections he gave me when the procedure started were amazing! I never felt them. He and his assistant kept explaining what was going on and kept me comfortable throughout the process which helped with the stress and anxiety one feels during such a procedure. Upon getting my crowns, Dr. Maxwell was extremely consciences about the fit, the look of the teeth, and my bite. His hard work and diligence has paid off. How do I know? Well not only do my teeth look natural and beautiful, but I have had only ONE migraine in over five weeks. To those who suffer from such a debilitation you know that this is life changing!!!!

My three young children have all seen Dr. Maxwell for cleanings now and all feel happy and comfortable with him and his office. One of my little girls, who suffer from anxiety problems, says she will not be afraid to go to the dentist the next time! That is huge for her. So to Dr. Maxwell and his staff, we’d like to say thank you. We are confident and more than happy to refer you to anyone!

Gene E.

I would highly recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone looking for a honest, professional, caring, and trustworthy dentist.I visited Dr. Maxwell for a teeth whitening service and let me say Dr. Maxwell and his staff exceeded all expectations. The facilities were very clean and the technologies used were modern. The staff was exceptional. Very friendly, warm, fun, and enthusiastic (believe it or not, they made going to the dentist FUN!). I did three treatments of whitening in one sitting and didn't experience any pain what so ever. I can't say this about other places I have had this treatment done at. Overall it was just a great experience and I don't dread going to the dentist any longer.

Bill D.

Thanks for renewing, no pun intended, my faith in dentists. I finally got my implant work and my smile back. Thanks for seeing things through to finish! I would not have done it without finally finding a dentist I could trust.

This was a first for me, a dental visit with little to no pain, an appointment as scheduled with no time spent waiting. The staff across the board was exceptionally professional. They explained everything in clear, understandable terms and answered my questions before they started a procedure. I was tired of being treated like just a number or a source of revenue by may past providers, this staff really cares about me and my health. Thanks to all of your staff and you, Dr. Maxwell. I leave my oral health in your hands.

Robert E.

I went to Dr. Maxwell about my poor fitting denture. He gave me all my options, which included implants to support my denture. He was able to place implants and make my denture fit well and feel secure. I have always hated my denture, but now it is like having my teeth back again. It looks very nice, and I can actually enjoy having a nice meal again! I never thought implants and dentures could be so easy! I was suprised how affordable it could be. Thanks Dr. Maxwell, you have truly improved the quality of my life!

You know how some Docs say "you'll feel a little presure", and then is like some one is drilling into your jaw?!? Not here! I had 2 teeth pulled and did not feel any thing from the moment I sat in the chair until I was home! Thanks Doc!

Burt I.

I have a very HIGH case of anxiety. When I first went to see Dr. Maxwell, for a routine check up, I was extremely nervous and on edge. Dr. Maxwell and his staff were very understanding and gave me the time to gather myself. I didn't feel rushed or uncomfortable and was encouraged to take as much time as I needed. I am now able to sit in the chair (for an entire procedure) and not feel anxious or overwhelmed. I really appreciate the staff's patience and warm understanding of my anxiety. Anyone who may have high anxiety, such as myself, can understand that it can be embarrassing and scary. Renew understands the customers needs and is comforting. I highly recommend this office to anyone, especially those with high anxiety. I thank Dr. Maxwell for helping me, as well as, the great staff.

Sincerely, Bobby D.

Pain Free Treatment!

Yesterday I experienced for the first time a trip to the dentist that was absolutely pain free!! I needed a crown and a filling and I didn't feel the needle! It is the most amazing feeling and I am truly going to recommend this practice to everyone.

Everyone is professional yet friendly not to mention the decor is 5 Star!! It was fun watching old cartoons while getting my teeth repaired.

Awesome work everyone!

Celia I.

I was referred to Dr. Maxwell by a family member about a year ago. Since that time he has been my dentist, and for the first time in my life I have a completely healthy mouth. I always dreaded making a dentist appointment because of the pain due to my teeth and the pain from being worked on. So I would always wait until I had no choice but to go in due to bad tooth aches! I did not believe it was possible to have pain free dentistry, but with Dr. Maxwell I have come to know that dental work can be pain free. I have had a lot of work done that should have been done a long time ago, and I owe that to Dr. Maxwell. He made it much easier than I ever thought possible. My teeth do not hurt anymore when I chew, nor do they hurt when I have an ice tea. I am very proud of the work he has done for me, and I feel like I am healthy for the first time in a long time on my teeth and gums! I recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone that needs dental work, and everyone that I know that sees him has had a great experience too. When it come to being your dentist, he sure is a keeper!!

Sincerely, Norma

Dr. Maxwell has been my dentist for for the last 3 years. I have a fear of needles especially when they are comming towards my mouth!!! Dr. Maxwell was and is the most amazing dentist I have ever had work on my teeth, he not only managed to calm me down but also always knows what is needed to be done, and explains things so that they are easily understood. I needed to extract two teeth and prepare my mouth for implants. The whole experience was relatively painless. He did the most incredible work with my implants. He prescribed some pain medication for me to take home after the implants, and I never even had to take a single pill! I was able to take a couple of Aleve and that did the trick, no problems, healing went so fast. I hope I never have to have such extensive dental work done again, but if I do Dr. Maxwell will be the doctor to do the job. Thank you Dr. Maxwell!!!!!!!!!!!

My family feels very fortunate to have found Dr. Maxwell. My oldest son had a terrible experience with a dentist about 4 years ago and since we have seen many dentists, trying to find someone he would be comfortable with. Dr. Maxwell and his staff are sincere and generous with their time; this made my son feel very at ease. Now, he even likes to go! I am also a patient at Renew Family Dentistry, as well as my husband and second son. I am so pleased with our experience every time we visit. My family is confident this is the best place to keep our smiles healthy!

L. Longacre

As a former dental assistant, I have worked with some dentists that I was ashamed of their work they performed for their patients and would never dream of sending anyone I knew to them. However, Dr. Josh Maxwell is the BEST! I send all my friends and family to him as well as people I meet on the street. Friends that have started using Dr. Maxwell will never use another dentist,nor will I. I highly recommend him to everyone. He is a faboulous dentist. He takes the fear out of going being in the dental chair. He genuinely cares about his patients and their treatment needed.HIs dental team is fantastic as well and they go above and beyond my expectations of a dental office. When it comes to his work, he is an artist. Natural and beautiful!!!!! He has truly given me my smile back and to him I am greatful for that. I am proud to call him my dentist and my friend!

I made an appointment with Dr. Maxwell for an infected tooth. They started treatment the same day I went in, unlike most other dentists I had been to. Most want you to take the medications for days then have you come back for another appointment. Dr Maxwell called in my prescription right away to a nearby pharmacy because I need to have pre-treatment due to artificial hip implants. He removed the old crown and did a secondary root canal and found the previous dentist had missed a canal which had gotten infected. He then did a crown prep and placed a temporary crown on the tooth. I go back for the permanent crown at the end of this month. No more pain after the initial soreness wore off from the shots. It was a success!

I have referred him to everyone I talk to who may be looking for a great dentist. I will be going back to him for all of my dental needs from now on. The staff was wonderful and very friendly.


Robin W.

I recently visited with Dr. Joshua Maxwell. He is a fantastic dentist. He worked on my teeth that were horrible to look at and made me feel at ease, assuring me that my teeth will look will look beautiful! He worked with ease and I felt NO pain. He is the #1 dentist for me!

G. Garcia

Finally!! Dr. Maxwell had done some front crowns for me a while back, and they look so natural and pretty! However, that is not why I am leaving a review. I finally took my special needs son to him, because I had not been able to get a full exam, cleaning and xrays on him for over a year now. The moment we would start xrays or a cleaning he would pop up out of the chair and want to leave. Let's just say that dental visits for him were always a struggle and very embarrassing for me, because of his behavior and unwillingness to let the doctor or hygenist do their jobs. Dr. Maxwell was able to get a full set of xrays, a complete exam, AND a cleaning!!! It was not easy, but Dr. Maxwell was very patient and gave my son choices along the way, but kept him on track! I finally have peace of mind with my sons teeth! And the best thing is that he actually gave the doctor a high five and said he had fun!!

I used to be a dental assistant for another well known dentist, so I know quality dentistry. Dr. Maxwell definitely provides the complete package. His injections were completely pain free. Which is what keeps me out of the dental chair! He uses a vibration technique and an anesthetic that does not sting! He genuinely cares and even makes dental appointments a pleasure. He is highly trained and provides detailed explanations of what needs to be done and why. He has done it all for me, as embarrassing as it may be! He has done cosmetic crowns and veneers, fillings, an extraction, a root canal, and just finished placing an implant where I had a missing tooth at the corner of my smile. He loves to show the xrays and photos of my work so I can see "how things should be done". He is very confident and thorough, and he has reasonable fees! He also accepts nearly all insurance plans. I have never referred a friend or family member that he was not able to help out!! Everyone always thanks me for sending them to him. So that is why I am taking the time to write this review! Dr. Maxwell is a true original! You can finally get the work done that you have been avoiding or putting off. High quality dentistry can be pain free and affordable!

I have followed Dr. Maxwell from Frisco, to Plano, and then back again to Frisco; as he has FINALLY opened his own practice in Frisco! It is so nice to have a dentist that you KNOW that you can trust to take care of you and your family. I will be forever greatful for him getting my husband healthy again after nearly 20 years of neglect. It is amazing how pain free, quick and comfortable he has made our dental appointments! I also appreciate him getting our kids set up for a lifetime of proper oral health, by making going to the dentist fun!! One of them even had a filling, and to this day they did not ever know they had a numbing shot! I wish my husband and I had a "Dr. Maxwell" when we were kids! However, I now literally have a healthy Hollywood smile I am finally proud of!!

I fell and my front tooth was knocked loose. I placed a call to my regular dentist and waited an hour and did not get a call back. I had seen Dr Maxwell's office and I walked in as an emergency and he took care of my needs right away. I have had several appointments since then and the care I have received has been EXCELLENT! My whole family has appointments to see him and his team. He is a very caring and compassionate person and we are so Blessed to have him as our dentist. Great Doctors are hard to find and he is one of them!